Find the Best Master Agent for your business

A Master Agent (or Agency) is a company that holds a direct service agreement to sell Spectrum Partner Program services. They receive compensation for installed services for sales they or their subagent partners have made. Spectrum Partner Program services’ agreement requires specific criteria be upheld by Partners in order to be defined as a Master Agent, which ensures high-level support for agents selling our solutions.

These Master Agencies provide many levels of support for its selling agents. While there are similarities between them, they each has its own unique benefits that may be a better fit for you over another.

Some examples of support services master agencies provide are:

  • Training & Onboarding
  • Lead generation
  • Sales tools
  • Pre- & Post-Sales quoting, ordering, and installation support
  • Commissions & Incentive programs
  • Plus many more services (dependent on Master Agency)

In order to sell Spectrum Partner Program solutions you may work through any of the Master Agencies listed below. A Spectrum high performance Manager can help you in choosing the right Master Agent for your business. Already working through a Master Agent listed below? Then you are ready to start selling Spectrum Partner Program services today. Contact your dedicated Channel Manager to find out more about our program.